Real food plan

14 days of group detoxification accompanied by a professional

step by step

Accompanied by recipes, explanations and group support

Suitable for anyone who wants to adopt a healthy lifestyle

*** vegan and gluten free ***

Starting at: 7/10/2018
The group will open 3 days prior to evaluations

Your investment: 20 NIS per day * 14 = 280 NIS
Instead of 35 NIS per day

Discount for patients who began treatment in 2018

לפרטים והרשמה

  • Which cleaning plan is right for you?

    There are a lot of cleaning programs for example: juice fasting, gelatin detoxification, blood type cleanser, enema/hydrochloric, Chinese cleansing – full rice and garlic without any additives of spices and more. From experience with hundreds of patients, I believe in a mild cleansing that will not create a deficiency and will cause weight gain.

    Proper cleaning is one that can fit into the routine of the day and will provide a basis for a healthy lifestyle for the future.

    How it’s done?

    The cleaning is suitable for anyone who wants to combine gentle cleaning in the daily routine, at home or at work, without stopping life.

    It enables natural detoxification from non-promoting habits, and can relieve symptoms such as fatigue, indigestion, migraines and more

    The cleaning is mild and gradual and lasts about 14 days and is a basis for improving nutrition, without fasting, counting calories or invasive processes.

    Cleaning is accompanied by explanations, recipes, videos, and group sharing.

    What you will get:

  • A shopping list and necessary equipment for the process – about a week before the start of the process.
  • A detoxification kit that includes the information about the process – answers to questions about cleaning the types of poisons in food, how the body directs them, what foods contribute to the process and more – the kit will be sent to you several days before cleaning. Total note
    A precise, nourishing and strengthening cleaning menu that encourages detoxification, parasites and bacteria from the digestive system
    Recipes booklet
  • Full support and all the way through a secret group on Facebook – for support, sharing and consultation
  • Only in my program will you receive links to purchase supplements from the IHERB site – so you can purchase additives at low costs. The supplements will help detoxify, support the liver and empower the cleaning process.

    Cleaning takes about 14 days

    How It Works?

    Detoxification means cleansing the blood. This is done by detoxifying the liver, which is the body’s main defense mechanism against toxins, by changing the toxic substances in the body and transforming them into non-toxic and secretive substances, ie, those that the body can excrete without effort. Which the toxins create, known as zinc, Q12, selenium, bioflavonoids and enzymes produced by the body, so in every cleaning process supplements should be taken to help the body deal with the toxins.

    Common questions:

    Is the diet difficult to implement?
    The diet is challenging but it is not low in calories, you do not feel hungry

    Do you lose weight?
    The idea to balance the body .. When balanced we will reach our optimal weight

    If there is a need for enemas?
    No, detoxification is done through nutrition, herbs and supplements, and does not involve invasive procedures

    Does the menu include a fast of a kind?
    No, the process is moderate and combines delicious recipes and menus.

    Does the program include personal meetings?
    No, this is a program in Watts Up, all the details are in the kit and if there are questions you can contact via email or Watts up, you can purchase a kit that includes support.

    Participation is conditional upon registration in advance and filling out a health questionnaire to check the aqueduct for the procedure

    *Participation in the process is not a substitute for medical and/or pharmacological treatment.

    Nice to meet you,
    My name is Libby Levy Greenberg, Natural Nutrition Advisor, Graduate of the Reidman College of Complementary Medicine, a guest lecturer.

    Her life is healthy, she publishes articles on complementary and natural medicine. She has experience in treating a variety of diseases through natural nutrition, supplements and herbal medicine. Offers a variety of services to provide a healthy lifestyle, promote health in organizations and hospitals throughout the country, and provide special advice and guidance to vegetarians and vegans. Owner of the blog “Fergent Health”.

    For years I dealt with various detoxification protocols, and after a demand for a group process came I built a program that included the knowledge and experience I had accumulated over the years.

    Take a look at the site and the Facebook page and be impressed by the variety of recipes and tips

    Blog “fritters health” Facebook page

    Libby, Natural Nutrition Advisor I 050-3053030 I

    * No participation in the process for pregnant women, children under the age of 18, lactating women, people suffering from high blood pressure and / or underweight, and people under medical treatment or suffering from allergies and / or allergies and / or illness and / or any other medical problem. Also, products should not be used frequently or for an extended period of time without consulting a physician and / or an appropriate professional.

    For details and registration, please enter your email address and we will get back to you

    לפרטים והרשמה