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I found that in every workshop I like to prepare other delicacies and try new recipes .. otherwise boring me 🙂

Then I got this recipe (after some threw it in the trash) … vegan sneakers. Based on dates with two surprising and nutritious ingredients

One of them is the buckwheat, whose wonders I have mentioned here, but in this recipe its combination adds to the carnations and is almost undetectable. None of the tasters could have guessed that there was buckwheat here

The combination with green tea (macha) gives it a greenish flavor but also the effect of energizing energy snack. Therefore it is not recommended to consume this snack in the evening. More about the macha you can read here

The macha – can be purchased at iherb here, can be purchased with my code VKD891 and get a discount.

Although there are recipes that I keep only for patients and workshop participants, this snack is so good that it would not be okay for me not to publish it

So come on enjoy it 😊

And if you have already purchased from Aceh, you are invited to the side of the snack to drink some nutritious tea. The recipe is here

To base
1 cup macadamia or cashew nuts soaked for 3 hours
Half a cup of oatmeal (quaker)
1 teaspoon macha powder
Half a cup of coconut flour or coconut flakes
A quarter cup of maple
2 teaspoons peanut butter
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 pinch of salt
To the caramel layer
20 Tamar from Jahul without a core
One-third cup coconut oil
2 tablespoons peanut butter
A quarter cup of buckwheat, which was sung for seven hours
1 teaspoon maple
To the chocolate layer
Half a cup of carob powder without sugar
Half a cup of coconut oil
6 teaspoons maple
Remove the kernel from the dates and soak them in boiling water

Put the oatmeal in the blender and run the blender until you get flour, add the coconut and grind again. Add the rest of the ingredients and process until you get a paste that is not completely smooth. Flatten in pyrex format.

It is best to have a little greased to make it easy to remove the squares

* If you use coconut flour, you will need to add a little water for a paste that is comfortable to work with.

Then remove the rest of the ingredients, except the buckwheat, and grind until you get a uniform mixture. Transfer to the bowl and mix the buckwheat and spread over the base and put it back in the freezer.

– For the chocolate layer, mix all the components of the layer together and pour over the peanut layer. And put in the freezer for three hours.

Remove from the freezer and cut into squares

Must be served close to eating otherwise it will melt

With appetite

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