In recent years, awareness of the importance of nutrition and its impact on healthy lifestyle and disease prevention has increased. In order to lead a healthy lifestyle, we must first learn what foods to put in our home and how to incorporate a healthy diet into our daily life. To this end I have created a variety of experiential workshops that combine the preparation of healthy and nutritious food and practical tips for proper nutrition.

What I do not compromise about:

  • The quality of the raw materials is entirely in the healthy kitchen: all without sugar, without wheat, without animal ingredients (eggs, milk, meat)
  • Preparation speed
  • Learning principles and not just giving recipes so as not to create dependence on workshops

The purpose of the lectures is not only to enrich the audience with new and interesting content, but also to provide practical tools for a healthy life. Therefore, the lectures combine a great deal of knowledge with practical practice – the preparation of healthy food, in order to encourage the motivation to bring about change.

Each of the workshops individually or in combination brings out the wonders of the healthy kitchen and includes useful tips, recommendations for proper cooking, maintaining nutritional value of the food, information on the importance of vegetables, green leaves and fruits on the menu.

*My workshops and lectures are suitable for companies and organizations, kindergartens, parenting groups, and anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge of healthy nutrition.

*Workshop can be adapted to the needs of the organization and to be held anywhere in Israel.

*Each workshop can be held in a group or as a private workshop.

*The organizers have a workshop for 7 participants – the workshop will be free of charge for the organizer.

Among my clients: