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Nice to meet you, Im Libby, I live in Even Yehuda, mother of Uri, 7 years old, counselor, therapist and facilitator of workshops for natural nutrition. She is a graduate of the Neutratology course at the Reidman College of Alternative Medicine. She lectures on healthy lifestyle, publishes articles on complementary and natural medicine and develops healthy recipes. She is a member of the Eilam Association, the Israeli association of herbal medicine. And specializes in the digestive system as part of the specialization of the Israeli therapists club.

The main tools I take care of are: natural, personalized nutrition, herbs and supplements.

She specializes in general nutritional guidance, especially attention deficit disorder, and digestive problems with extensive experience in the treatment of Helicobacter and Candida.

People who want to get guidelines for vegan nutrition, sports nutrition, allergies, obesity, cholesterol, diabetes, chronic problems, infections, problems, hormonal problems, hypertension and others who want to feel better.

I am the youngest daughter of a family of 4 girls, so always at home were discussions about calories and weight.

Since childhood I have suffered from high cholesterol, ADHD and frequent abdominal pain.
From adolescence I have experienced a lot of diets, such as counting calories and various magic diets. And as a result of over-weighting I reached the weight of 48 kg at the age of 15, which disrupted my biological functions and caused many savings, which caused the return of the kilogram with interest, and so I found myself at 22 with 85 kg that affected all areas of my life.

I tried to deal with dietary change alone, but the weight and health problems persisted. After a long journey of searching, I arrived at a naturopathic woman who had diagnosed my health, taught me about a conscious diet and adjusted to my health, and accompanied me every week to change my awareness and my health habits. At the end of a one-year process I shed more than 20 kg and health problems disappeared, and even attention disorders improved

In retrospect, I understood that the professional diagnosis of body condition, such as Candida, acidity in the stomach, nutritional deficiencies, etc. Was the one that allowed for precise dietary adjustments, along with the close accompaniment, which constituted the keys to change.

I realized then that I wanted to help people cope with health challenges, to develop an accurate diagnostic ability, and so in parallel to my work in business management, I acquired knowledge in psychology studies and invested 4 years in nutrition studies in the Breedman Naturopathy course.

And so, after 10 years of working at Walla! magazine As a cooperative manager, I decided to give this amazing tool to all those who want to improve their health, with the understanding that our most significant collaboration is cooperation with our body.

Today I am accompanying organizations, families and individuals on the way to changing their lifestyle.

In the nutritional accompaniment process, I advocate gradualism, balance, variety, personalized nutrition and the integration of the pleasures of food in the daily routine.

Conversely, diets, trends, and calorie counts create psychological, mental, and health deficits.

And therefore I believe in accurate diagnosis, construction of a personalized treatment program and close personal guidance over a period of time,
In a variety of tools to assimilate new health habits.

Nutrition accompaniment allows each person to adapt his / her unique diet, and therefore the nutritional recommendations vary from person to person.

Throughout my nutritional counseling period, my patients receive a menu, recipes and a varied and nutritious shopping list. Familiarity with high quality raw materials that enable changing habits for good.

I have found that support, determination and perseverance bring about change from learning, involvement and commitment to results that remain forever.

You are invited to take a look at case histories written by patients.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions



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